MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar, Forecasts & Storms App Reviews

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Me and my 9 year old love this app. We look forward to seeing the storms coming in on the west coast !


The best app for up to date radar! Get it you wont regret it.

App review

This is an extremely helpful app for the weather here in New England, facing the ocean and with the bay in the back, U provide a great tool to visualize our arriving and "exiting" weather. Thx.

Terrific App

This is a terrific app , and Id give it a 5 if it didnt crash constantly.

Great app

Very accurate and real time. Thanks for a great weather app.

I love the radar app!

Simple to use and sooooo informative!

Love this app

Its a little slow to load sometimes but its never let me down for trying to figure outworn the rain will arrive.

Awesome radar app

I love it. Only thing I wish is that I could see some kind of a forecast. At least hourly

Not bad

Not bad


"Turn on Bluetooth" warning is annoying. Not sure how much location accuracy could be gained by something with a 30 max range could be. Weather where I live doesnt change much in 30 so why do they want the Bluetooth in?

No brainier!

Its really my favorite weather app. Use it all the time. Well done!

Great app

I love this app. I cant rely on the local weatherman to give me accurate rain predictions, but I can rely on this app.


My main source weather app. Better than anything else, any other app I have including a couple of the more "popular" ones which I find only partially accurate.

Great app!

Best of all of them

The best one

Very fast loading. The best weather app with active radar out there!! Wish they had Mexico covered though.

My Radar #1 app

I really love "My Radar" app, the accuracy of weather conditions including storms is amazing, the visual images of the storms and where they are heading is just one of the things I like about this app...

My radar

Great detail Got us through some serious weather in the Texas panhandle. Near Amarillo tornados imbedded in thunderstorms. Great app


Literally watched the rain coming in on radar!

Must have!

I ride a motorcycle and never leave with out checking this app. It has been a lifesaver on many occasions! Often times I get partly cloudy on my iPhone weather app and then I open My Radar and... Yikees!!! You can see the storm coming!! Must have !!

Weather APP WOW

No need for other weather app Its the go to weather app

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